Antique Ceramic KIRIN Incense Burner - Elevate Ritual and Tranquility


The Antique Ceramic KIRIN Incense Burner seamlessly merges aesthetics and spirituality. This captivating incense burner holds the essence of domestic rituals, Buddhist practices, and tranquil Zen ceremonies. Crafted with intricate detail, it serves as a vessel for sandalwood, agarwood, and the sweet fragrances of devotion. Immerse your surroundings in a serene ambiance with this ornate piece.


  • Use: Neatening/Storage
  • Type: Aroma Burner
  • Style: Classical
  • Size: 11x11x10cm
  • Purpose: Religious Articles
  • Production: Aromatherapy Plate
  • Packaging: Paper Box Packaging
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Craft: Handmade
  • Cosmetic Feature: Mental Curative Effect
  • Classification: Incense Base
  • Class Report: Incense Burner
  • Brand: aiboduo
  • Application Area: Buddhist Temple

Product Highlights:

  • Holistic Ritual: Elevate your space with ceremonial grace as this incense burner accompanies your domestic, religious, and Zen practices.
  • Artistic Fusion: The Classical style seamlessly melds with the spiritual essence, resulting in an ornate piece of tranquility.
  • Practical Dimensions: Sized at 11x11x10cm, it holds a perfect balance between functional space and visual allure.
  • Buddhist Connection: Created with devotion in mind, this burner perfectly accommodates the significance of agarwood and sandalwood in Buddhist rites.
  • Handmade Elegance: Crafted by hand, the burner bears the touch of artisans, infusing it with unique character and soul.
  • Soothing Effect: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the burner’s aroma fosters a calming mental curative effect, enhancing your environment.
  • Functional Design: Classified as an incense base, it ensures a seamless and secure place for your rituals.
  • Spiritual Space: Whether used in Buddhist temples or your own sacred space, this incense burner creates an atmosphere of reverence and serenity.
  • Brand of Trust: The aiboduo brand signifies quality and dedication, ensuring a genuine experience of spiritual enhancement.

Experience the divine connection between aesthetics and spirituality with the Antique Ceramic KIRIN Incense Burner. Enrich your rituals, meditation, and devotional practices with the serene ambiance it fosters.

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